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Our Mission:
To provide a higher level of service than most clients are receiving from their current mega-agencies. If you are a small to moderate spending advertiser or an entrepreneur who demands hands-on attention from senior personnel, contact us today and let us show you how we can help you grow.




Alan Goldin and Michael E. Bienstock have formed 3 Plus Media, a company dedicated to providing high level media services. “The reason for our being is not new but is becoming more and more important as the ego driven, mega mergers continue,” explained Bienstock.  “Only larger advertisers are getting the attention they deserve and pay for. The rest are relegated to the lowest levels of experience in their agencies. These juniors do not have the knowledge or the authority to accomplish the job with which they are charged.”   The business has changed. In order to stay profitable, agencies and media companies have had to cut staff, merge with other companies and cut staff again.  “Often,” explained Goldin, “agencies bundle smaller or competitive clients at subsidiary companies (agencies within agencies) in order to provide clients with the appearance that they are in an entrepreneurial, nimble and conflict-free environment.  The real truth, however, is quite the opposite. These sibling companies share the same bottom-line goals and have even less sophisticated staffs.”


3 Plus Media is a name chosen not only with tongue-in-cheek but also because it crystallizes the reason for the company’s being.  “It traces back a score of years ago when some important research was misunderstood by media neophytes. Seeking an easy answer, they seized upon “3” as the Holy Grail of advertising’s communication threshold,” says Goldin. He adds, “Clients who know enough to do a double-take at our name, will undoubtedly want to benefit from having senior people working with them.”


The principals bring deep experience at the highest levels of Media Management with such leading companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, BBDO, Kenyon & Eckhardt, the Cable Television Advertising Bureau, and, notably, Joseph E. Seagram and Sons.


In addition to full media service, 3 Plus Media also provides consultation in the areas of syndicated media research, primary market research and strategic brand positioning.




Let us know how we can help you and your business benefit from smart media analysis, research, planning and negotiation, based upon a strong media and marketing foundation.


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Communication has come a long way since then.